GOSHは深煎り珈琲の専門店です。生豆が持つ力を引き出した苦味と甘味のバランスが良い珈琲は、淀みなく澄み、豊かな芳香を放ちつつ喉の奥に落ち着きます。「セロ弾きのゴーシュ」の主人公ように 色々な人々と関わることで、少しずつ成長を続けていけるお店でありたいと思います。一滴一滴、自分の大切な時間に、そして、あなたの想う人の時間に、GOSHの珈琲はより添いたいのです。

GOSH is a dark roast coffee speciality shop. Our coffee brings out the power of green coffee beans with a good balance of bitterness and sweetness, and so slides down your throat smoothly offering a clear and rich aroma. We would like to grow step by step, like the main character in the story of “Gauche the Cellist”, by interacting with various people. Drop by drop for your precious time, drop by drop for your loved ones, and we, GOSH coffee, would like to be there with you.



We are looking for a particular green coffee bean which has a rich luster and a fragrant aroma. We would like to make a mild coffee that has a small but strong sweetness mixed with a bitter taste. That is the coffee we are aiming for.



We make our bread by changing the recipe with several kinds of high-quality flour from Hokkaido. The bread we create can be eaten as part of your daily meal.



All GOSH baked confectioneries are made to go perfectly with your “coffee time", so please enjoy them with coffee.


GOSH’s coffee room is a space where you can take your time to savor carefully dripped coffee with a cake or two, which goes well together. We hope that every single one of you will feel comfortable and enjoy your time.