We are looking for a particular green coffee bean which has a rich luster and a fragrant aroma. Whether coffee is good or bad depends on the green coffee beans. The lipids of lustrous green coffee beans are caramelized by roasting, and the deep richness, sweetness and refined sourness creates a three-dimensional taste, leaving a wonderful aftertaste in your mouth.

We wash green coffee beans in water like rice, dry, sort, and then roast slowly using a small direct-firing roaster, which is believed to bring out the characteristics of the beans.

We believe our way of roasting tends to be deep. The beans are roasted with the image of preserving the sugars while caramelizing for you to feel the sweetness. We would like to make a mild coffee that has a small but strong sweetness mixed with a bitter taste! That is the coffee we are aiming for.

Good green coffee beans contain good fats and sugars. By roasting, they become liquid and the “aroma” melts into coffee oil. The oil covering the whole beans also has an antioxidant effect.


Please think of coffee beans as fresh food. Please consume them as soon as possible in order to enjoy coffee with great relish. We sell ground coffee, but we recommend buying coffee beans to keep them fresh. Please keep them in an airtight container and store in a cool place.